Casey King

Co-Founder, internationally trained yoga teacher, student, New Yorker and aspiring goat, chicken and multiple dog owner.

Casey first trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga in India seven years ago and has been continuing her education ever since, including trauma release, massage and Advanced Forrest Yoga. Her love of education inspired her to become a teacher trainer herself and has spent the past four years co-ordinating and teaching ten 200HR Yoga Teacher Trainings. She cannot wait to begin Trainings at Yoga Nest.

Casey follows yogic philosophy that emphasises breath expansion and body awareness. She believes that yoga is about learning how to take the teachings learned on the mat and apply those teachings into life off the mat, where it truly counts.

Her classes are created with an intent in mind and physical challenges to go along with that intent. Learn how to cultivate the daily intent through breath, long-held poses and discover the importance of playfulness and lightheartedness on our mats and in our lives.


Aisling Ryan

Co-Founder, internationally trained yoga teacher, dog lover, coffee drinker and lifelong yoga student.

Aisling began her yoga journey at an early age and it has always been a huge part of her life. In 2015 she went to Thailand where she took her 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training with Michelle Besnard. Since then she has been teaching full time and continuing her yoga education. She has attended many international workshops and completed her 30hr Yin Training with Josh Summers and her 500hr training in Thailand with BRICE yoga and YOGA BEYOND.

Her classes are fun, challenging and creative. She loves to flow and include playful transitions in each class. In teaching yoga she passes on the knowledge and happiness to her students that she has gained from her practice and training. She helps and encourages her students to develop their personal practice so that they too can experience the joys and benefits of yoga.



Teacher, musician, writer and a magical being.

Tara discovered yoga six years ago whilst studying music at University in Manchester. This lead to her doing her teacher training about three years later in order to understand the practise that had given her so much and give her the opportunity to share the practice with others. 

Although she came to yoga from a dance background and enjoyed the wellbeing yoga brought to her physical body, her exploration of her own practise has lead her to understand yoga as a tool for self-exploration, of not only the physical body but the mind and spirit as well. 

A class with Tara will typically focus on allowing movement to help you take up your space in the world, explore your own body, mind and your individual needs. Her favourite tip would be to take your shoes off and sit in some grass or sand and breath.



Kids yoga teacher, yogi and all round awesome person.

Joe Quinn is our kids yoga teacher. Jo has over 10 years experience teaching kids yoga and drama. She holds a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies and is trained in Rainbow Kids Yoga. She works with kids from all different backgrounds and abilities in her work and believes that starting yoga at a young age is one of her best gifts we can give our kids. “Yoga for kids is a great way to begin your child’s journey to yoga which we all know is a wonderful one!”