Pregnancy Yoga with Aoife
12:00 PM12:00

Pregnancy Yoga with Aoife

Prenatal Yoga is highly recommended by doctors, midwives and mothers. It is known to have excellent health benefits during pregnancy, helping expectant mothers to build strength, stamina and confidence. Yoga helps us find inner calm and balance, and reduces stress. You will also learn breathing exercises, positions and affirmations that help you to prepare for labour.

Aoife provides a safe and nurturing environment, gently guiding you through Yogic breathing techniques and physical exercises specifically adapted for pregnancy, ending all classes with restorative relaxations that enhance your bond with your baby and deeply relax the body and mind - essential during these special months. 

These welcoming classes are also a space to meet other mothers in your area.

“I can’t recommend prenatal yoga with Aoife highly enough. Each class has a great balance of relaxation, breathing techniques while still staying active in your pregnancy. It was great preparation for labour...”


Book Online: €30

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Chakra Balancing Yoga Series: Solar Plexus with Aoife
4:00 PM16:00

Chakra Balancing Yoga Series: Solar Plexus with Aoife

Suitable for All Levels

Aoife has been running popular Chakra Yoga classes for the past five years and is now offering a series of workshops that will help deepen your awareness of the elements and themes associated with each chakra . You will practice breathing techniques, yoga postures, mantra and meditations that connect you to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities of the chakra.

The next in our Chakra Workshop Series is coming up next month. We’ll be exploring Manipura - our third chakra.

Located in the solar plexus, this chakra is connected to our strength, confidence, personality, ego and mind, or the manomaya kosha. The element is fire - and we’ll be building heat and willpower with breath work, core work, twists and balances, focusing our mind with meditation and mantra, before deeply connecting to our sense of self and letting go of self doubt with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra practice to finish.

Suitable for every body - Aoife will always provide options that will help the pose suit your body on the day. 

Book Online: €30

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Slow Down Sunday - Mindfulness Meditation Workshop with Freada
4:00 PM16:00

Slow Down Sunday - Mindfulness Meditation Workshop with Freada

Book Online: €25

10% Members' Discount

An afternoon of ease and relaxation to soothe the soul, rest the body and calm the mind.

Freada has been teaching and practicing Mindfulness and Meditation for 20 years.

People enjoy her gentleness and patience. Along with delivering Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes, she delivers introductory and one day events. She has also developed her own “Four Principles of Inner Peace” and “Taming The Monkey” programmes which are very successful.

What's on offer?

  • Gentle Mindfulness and Meditation practices

  • Progressive relaxation

  • Gentle mindful movement (no experience necessary)

  • Simple Mindfulness practices to take into your daily life.

This afternoon is an opportunity for you to:

  • Take relaxing time out

  • Unwind and de-stress

  • Replenish and nourish body, mind, and spirit.

Hope to see you there,


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Cacao Cermony & Sound Bath with Mandalei
3:00 PM15:00

Cacao Cermony & Sound Bath with Mandalei

Book Online: €35

Yogis! - Come discover the beautiful heart opening and soul centering experience of a Cacao ceremony with us. 


Cacao has been used for 1,000s of years by indigenous communities of Central and South America as a medicine for physical and spiritual healing and is becoming popular in yoga communities worldwide because of its powerful ability to assist us yogis in gently opening up our hearts and awakening us to our true nature. She assists us in letting go of what no longer serves, manifesting intentions and connecting in with ourselves so we can follow our inner wisdom and ignite our creativity. Best of all Cacao opens our hearts to give and receive unencumbered love.


Cacao translates to "Food of the Gods"'s rich in theobromine which helps us with clarity and focus, anandamide, the "Bliss Molecule"; flavonoids (natural antioxidants which protect us from disease); magnesium which assists with energy, healthy sleeping patterns and general well being; and increases the flow of healing oxygen to our organs and tissues.

Mandalei's Cacao comes from the edge of the Sacred Valley of Peru and is 100% organic.


We start with a grounding meditation and Tibetan sound bath after which we'll set intentions and ceremonially drink our Cacao together, journeying into a space where we can meet her and receive her guidance. During your journey Mandalei will assist the group and individual healing through music, shamanic drumming, Reiki and sound bowls.

You will leave feeling nourished, grounded and loved.


Mandalei is a yoga teacher and sound healer, incorporating Reiki and shamanic techniques on her clients. She has trained with healers and shamans in Ireland, Nepal and Peru. Having met the spirit of Cacao in Ireland in early 2018 she went to Peru to meet the plant at its source and learn from family farmers all about the ancient wisdom of Cacao. 


--Bring your favourite cup and any crystals, talismans, pictures, flowers, etc. you'd like to add to the altar. 

--Avoid caffeine, dairy and big meals.

--Avoid alcohol the day before.

--Stop eating at least 2 hours prior to ceremony, if possible.


--Wear layers.

--If you are taking MAOIs, pregnant or breastfeeding or have a heart condition please let me know in advance so we can adjust your dose of Cacao.

And email me with any questions or concerns at:


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Kids Yoga Summer Camp! with Jo
to Jul 11

Kids Yoga Summer Camp! with Jo

Book Online: €45

Monday, 8 July - Thursday, 11 July

11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Ages 3.5 - 8

Kids yoga is an exciting and interactive way for your child to gain all of the benefits of yoga while going on an adventure through movement and story. Each class is a made up for stories, songs and lots of yoga poses which help improve and enhance flexibility, strength and balance.

Breathing techniques and meditation are always incorporated but we teach them in a fun way so our students can begin to bring them into their daily life!

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