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Chakra Balancing Yoga Workshop Series: Throat Chakra

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2.00 - 4.00 PM

Suitable for All Levels

Aoife has been running popular Chakra Yoga classes for the past five years and is now offering workshops that will help deepen your awareness of the elements and themes associated with each chakra . You will practice breathing techniques, yoga postures, mantra and meditations that connect you to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities of the chakra.

For Vishuddhi, or the Throat Chakra, we will be looking at the theme of communication - listening to our own truth and expressing it with confidence, listening to others and being aware of the power of our words. We will create a sankalpa (intention/resolve) and use meditation and mantra to help us embrace it. Physically, we’ll be working on the neck and shoulders, area’s which tend to hold a lot of tension, intertwining simple mantra’s with our yoga flow to bring rhythm and focus to our practice and breath...

All of these lovely workshops will close with a deeply nourishing and relaxing Yoga Nidra practice themed on the chakra, leaving you feeling rested and reconnected to your whole self.

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